Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Provence Villas to Rent in Hidden Provence

Provence, land of sunflowers, crisp rose wine and inspiration for some of the worlds finest art produced by the impressionist school. Van Gough is the epitome of all that symbolises Provence but did you know that Van Gough spent much of his time in Provence painting from the now famous asylum on the outskirts of St Remy de Provence?

Just behind the hospital is a hidden gem, Lolo's Restaurant.  Lolos’s family have lived in this ‘trogdolite’ house, built into the rocks of an ancient Roman quarry, for over 400 years and started cooking 20 years ago when he retired aged 70!There is no menu but the food is copious and delicious as is the local wine. There are many restaurants like this in Provence, where you just trust that as it's full with local French families that the food will be delicious and it usually is.

Delicious food and wine at Lolo's

St Remy is celebrated for art and antiques and there are many wonderful 'brocante' to explore throughout this very pretty Provencal village.

Some of the wonderful villas to rent in Provence with the team at Cote d'Azur Villas