Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer in the South of France Cannes Fireworks

One of the most spectacular of the annual summer events here in the South of France is the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art of Cannes - otherwise known as the Cannes Firework Festival.

This annual event brings together teams from around the world who compete to put on the biggest and most impressive display of fireworks, all set to music. The fireworks are set off from special pontoons moored offshore and the site of the amazing displays over the water is one of the must see events if you are spending your summer here.

The event runs on various evenings throughout July and August and the best way to watch the fireworks is from one of the beachfront restaurants. Enjoy a delicious dinner and then site back with perhaps a little 'digestif' and prepare to be amazed.

Renting a Cannes villa is a great way to enjoy not only the Firework festival but also the many other summer events held each year in the South of France.

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