Thursday, 10 April 2014

5 things to do before the Tourists Arrive in the South of France

We all love the summer, but it does mean that for those of us living in the South of France then we have to share our restaurants, our beaches and of course our roads with all our visitors who arrive from across the globe. So just before they invade, here are our top 5 tips of things to do before it get's too busy.

1. Lunch on the Beach in Cannes - Right now the beach restaurants and calm and there's no rush for the best sunbeds. Wander down on to the beach, enjoy a leisurely lunch and then sleep it off to the sounds of the Mediterranean lapping in the distance.

2. Drive to St Tropez - It's getting close to that time when all roads - or should we say road- into and out of St Tropez are jammed packed and it takes an extra hour to get into the village. So now is the time to drive down, park on the port and stroll into St Tropez for a little designer shopping.

3. Picnic at the Lake - Either St Cassian or St Croix - take a trip into the hills and enjoy a quiet family picnic by the lake.

4. Dinner on the port at Villefranche - Delicious food and a wonderful setting - something to be enjoyed when it's not too crowded.

5. Market Day - Many to choose from and at this time of year you can stroll easily through the lines of stalls and pick up the early season bargains before the 'tourist prices' arrive.

And of course, out of season your rental villa is less expensive. So contact the team at Cote d'Azur Villas for a selection of over 350 villas throughout the South of France & Provence.