Friday, 10 July 2015

Canicule Hot in the South of France this Summer.

Summer in the South of France and it's hot, hot, hot. In France we call this heatwave a 'Canicule' which is when the day time temperatures are above 30 degrees and it stays above 20 degrees at night.

If you're on holiday in one of our South of France villas to rent then here are our top 5 tips for staying cool this summer

1. Drink Water - Wine and cocktails are great but they can dehydrate you so keep the water levels topped up at all times and make sure the younger and older members of your party are doing the same

2. Mid Day Sun - Mad dogs and Englishmen are renowned for being out in the midday sun. Stay out of the midday heat - retire to a cool and dark room inside, if you have air-con then this is really the time to use it and if not then all the shopping centres and cinemas are air-conditioned, go out and enjoy the cool

3. Keep it Closed - During the day keep all your doors, shutters and windows closed to avoid letting in the heat. Then, as the sun goes down and the air is cooler open the house and let in the refreshing breeze.

4. Pool Time - If you're spending a day around the pool then dip in and out as much as you can and sit in your damp swimwear all day, cool and relaxing.

5. Sun protection - Hats, cream, t-shirts and more....we all love the sun but covering up is the best way to enjoy your holiday.

The team at Cote d'Azur Villas wish you a wonderful holiday in the South of France this year.