Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Art in the South of France and Provence

The Cote d’Azur and Provence are synonymous with many famous artists and their globally famous works of art. This beautiful region in the South of France has exceptional light and of course the most amazing scenery which has been captured by some of the most renowned international artists.

RENOIR: Cagnes sur Mer, just a few miles to the west of Nice and 10 miles or so from Cannes was the home of Renoir.  His house is now a museum with some of the works from this master of Impressionism still on view.

PICASSO: Picasso also lived nearby in Vallauris for many years and it is where he first started experimenting in clay and bronze. Indeed there is a bronze statue of his still in the village called  "Man with Goat" which he donated to the village as a thank you for their support.

Picasso in Mougins 1968

VAN GOUGH: Vincent Van Gough is another who spent his life enjoying the luminosity of the area to create many of his world famous pieces.  He lived for many years at St Remy de Provence, sadly spending much of his time in the local asylum which is where he created some of his most stunning canvasses

Statue of Vincent Van Gough in St Remy de Provence

CEZANNE: Paul Cezanne spent most of his life on the eastern edge of Provence at Arles, an old Roman town, Cezanne’s house and studio are still in the town and open to the public, where one can see his brushes and easel seemingly awaiting his return to create again.  You can also see some of the figurines he used in his painting and Arles is close to Mount Victoire where many of his greatest works were painted.

Cezanne capturing the Colours of Provence

Visiting the South of France and Provence is the ideal opportunity to tour the locations that have been made famous by these artists and the team at Cote d’Azur Villas offer villas in stunning locations across the region.