Thursday, 20 February 2014

Travelling to your rental villa in St Tropez

St Tropez is notorious for the traffic jams into and out of the town during the summer months and many of the tourists who rent a villa in St Tropez look for other ways to arrive and leave if they are staying between June and September.

But what are the options and what are the costs involved.

For us, the most effective way is to take the boat which goes from Cannes or even closer in St Maxime. It's a wonderful way to arrive in St Tropez and it's also the locals preferred way of commuting throughout the year. From St Maxime, it's a short 15 minute journey and costs around 13 euros for an adult return ticket. Children are around half price. Taking the boat from Cannes costs around 50 Euros and takes about just over an hour.

For our clients with a less limited budget then helicopter is the only way to travel, from all the major airports and the heli port at Monaco. Cost? Well, as they say, if you need to ask....

Renting a villa in St Tropez is an amazing way to spend your summer break. Choose one of the spectacular properties on the waterfront or something a little more modest, ideal for a family holiday.

Villa Maya - exceptional contemporary villa to rent in St Tropez

Villa Palacia - Sleeps 14 guests to rent in St Tropez

Plein Soleil - Luxury villa to rent in St Tropez